Helen Grove-White

The Laundry Studio
LL68 0RT
01407 710245

From the community café in Llanfechell take the Rhosgoch road out past the garage. Take first left and first left again into the drive. Fork right for the studio on your right.

Photography, prints, installation and books, includ- ing work shown in Japan and the National Eisteddfod. Works on climate change, archaeology and nuclear power.

Based in an old laundry building of the big house I have made a dark room for photographic processing, an upstairs office studio for working on my digital videos and a large versatile room for teaching and displaying my work. You are welcome to come and see. It’s different each year depending on what I have been working on.

This year I am showing two new video pieces, lots of photographic books, some work with found objects and work in progress towards my new project on the conflicted landscapes of North Anglesey.

This quiet and ancient land is dotted with neolithic standing stones, settlements and barrows and has been the focus of recent archeological investigations. It is also now at the focus of multiple new developments in relation to Anglesey’s commitment to ‘Energy Island’ – a probable replacement nuclear power station for Wylfa, a controversial new set of transmission lines and pylons, multiple and contested wind turbines and also off-shore wind and wave power and their associated infrastructure. This changing landscape has prompted me to look back at the planning issues when Wylfa was built in the 60’s as well as forward to the time when Wylfa A itself shortly becomes history, a gigantic piece of industrial archeology.

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